Archives for July 2014

A How-To Guide About Giving Yourself a Physical

With the increase in the popularity of running marathons and going on strenuous and adventure trips/vacations, the number of people interested in knowing about their physical fitness to make sure they are up for the task is rising.  However, a majority of people don’t have the time or resources to get a physical with a […]

5 Tips to Prevent Repetitive Stress Injuries

Repetitive motion injuries are one of the most common ways of getting hurt on the job site or at home, with as many as 93% of all non-critical injuries having a root in performing the same actions repeatedly. This has become increasingly prevalent in today’s computer-based world, where a vast majority of jobs, as well […]

5 Scary Statistics About the Flu

The thought of getting a flu has the tendency to scare people, or make them so apathetic that they do nothing. Sometimes, there can be a panic over a flu that causes people to shut down schools or take other drastic measures to avoid being infected or to prevent their children from getting the flu.  […]