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Introducing the Layover Workout

For people who only travel once in a while, a layover is a great time to treat oneself to a drink, some lip smacking snacks or even a quick nap. But for frequent flyers, businessmen and sales people, sitting idle for long periods of time at the airport has started taking a toll on their […]

10 Great Fruits for a Healthy Summer

When it comes to health, there are some simple habits/routines that can help us stay fit no matter what the age, season or lifestyle. One of them is including fresh seasonal fruits in your daily diet.  Fresh fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals that help in preventing certain diseases and staying healthy.

How is a Summer Allergy Different from a Summer Cold

No one likes being sick especially in the summer. A fever, runny nose, or persistent cough can not just put a damper on a beach or fishing trip fast, it is exceedingly frustrating too. After all, colds are only supposed to strike when it’s cold, right?

The Secret Weapon for Healthy Living Every Day

Ask most people what prevents them from exercising and eating healthy meals and they’ll probably talk about lacking motivation or the convenience of not-so-healthy food choices. However, digging a little bit deeper usually reveals the real common denominator: a lack of time. In fact, effective time management is the key to leading a healthier, more […]