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4 Ways to Beat Winter Blues

In winter, the nights become colder and the days get quite a bit shorter.  This can leave a lot of people feeling down and out. Mild depression during the wintertime is often referred to as the “winter blues.”  People with the winter blues experience low energy and decreased motivation and some people are not able […]

Careworks Clinics Closed Thanksgiving Day

All Careworks clinics will be closed on Thursday, Nov. 26, in observance of Thanksgiving Day.  Have a safe and happy holiday!

Why Flavonoids are the New Heart Health Warriors

Flavonoids are generating a lot of excitement and interest among health professionals because of the many significant health benefits they provide.  These compounds occur naturally in a variety of plant-based foods.  In fact, flavonoids are what cause certain plants to be the color that they are.  Without these compounds, many plant species would be unable […]