Frequently Asked Questions About Careworks

Q: What is Careworks?
Q: What does Careworks treat?
Q: When are Careworks walk-in clinics open?
Q: How long will my visit last? Will I have to wait?
Q: Who is eligible for services at a Careworks walk-in clinic?
Q: Do I need to have health insurance to receive treatment at Careworks?
Q: How much will my visit cost?
Q: What makes Careworks unique in the retail health care market?
Q: What are a certified nurse practitioner and a physician assistant?
Q: Will my doctor be notified that I was treated at Careworks?
Q: What if the Careworks clinician thinks I’m really sick?
Q: Can I go to Careworks in an emergency?
Q: Do all Careworks clinics provide x-ray services?
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