The summer months are a great time for children to get outside, get some sunshine, and play. However, when it comes to letting small children, especially infants, spend time in the sun, it becomes important to ensure that they do not experience too much exposure to the sun. Not only can it cause discomfort, but it can also damage their eyesight, skin, and more.

Because of this, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends several ways to ensure that your child gets the sunlight they need without harming their bodies. In this article, we will look at several ways to help protect your children from the sun during summer.

Different from sunscreen, sunblock sits on the surface of the skin to block the sun and the UV rays from entering the skin. Sunscreen has ingredients that do absorb into the skin, and thus might not be very healthy for young children. There are organic options available, but sunblock can be the most effective for protecting your children from sun damage.

Remember to reapply the sunblock to your child’s skin every thirty or forty-five minutes to ensure maximum protection. You should also choose a sunblock that has both UVA and UVB protection for the best possible protection.

Since sun light can cause things like cataracts and other issues later in life, it is important to give your kids eye protection from the sun as well. When it comes to eye protection, sunglasses are the best possible way to protect your children’s eyesight from the damaging rays of the sun. Luckily, there are a variety of sunglass

Not only are sunblock and sunglasses important for protection from the sun, but clothing can also be important for keeping the sun’s harmful rays from penetrating the skin. And UV protected clothing and hats to protect their heads, arms, and legs from the sun are helpful. Plus, the clothing can be beneficial if your children are going to be spending ample time in the sun without you there to help them reapply their sunblock after a long period.

Perhaps one of the best ways to help prevent harmful sun rays from beating down on your children is by making sure they are spending plenty of time in the shade. Being outside is a great way to boost Vitamin D, but too much can be harmful. Spending time in the shade allows your children to take a break from the sun without having to go inside.

However, if your children are starting to get exhausted, you might want to take their shade time indoors so they can cool off. Remember, drinking plenty of water and giving your children time in the shade is the best way to avoid too much sun exposure.

Summertime is the best time of the year to get plenty of sunshine, and Vitamin D. However, too much sun exposure can be harmful to you and your children. Not only can it cause sunburn, but it can also cause eyesight issues and further problems in the future. However, it is easy to protect your children from the sun by using the right sunblock, having them wear protective clothing, wearing sunglasses, and spending plenty of time in the shade. By following these helpful tips, your children can still enjoy the sunshine without worrying about damage from too much sun exposure.

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Author:  Sarah Vidumsky, PA-C