Pack Your Bags and Leave the Jet Lag Behind

Are you feeling the urge to travel but dread the symptoms of jet lag? Time off is golden for most of us and it’s a shame to spend any of it recovering from exhaustion. Jet lag can’t be entirely avoided, but it doesn’t have to be so bad you spend your first few days napping when […]

4 Tips for College Students on How to Avoid the “Freshman 15”

It can be an exciting venture leaving home for the first time. Meeting new people and beginning the journey to successful endeavors can be daunting, even more so when you’re worried about succumbing to the notorious “Freshman 15.” Weight gain occurs often in freshman year, but here are some tips to keep you fit instead […]

Do Certain Foods Have Specific Health Benefits

Thanks to the progress we’ve made in medical science, today we have a cure for the most deadly and incurable diseases. However, when it comes to prevention of diseases or even maintaining general health, medicines have often very little to offer. We tend to look back to our ancestors to learn what foods constitute a […]

7 Ways to Staying Healthy During Flu Season

When flu season comes around everyone starts hoping they do not catch it. Many people do, but you can take some precautions that will increase your chances of avoiding it altogether. Anyone can take these steps to stay healthy during this dreaded season. The Difference Between a Cold and the Flu One thing that can […]

How to Avoid Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), also known as Computer Eye Strain, is an unintended consequence of the computer revolution. Computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices have made connecting to others simpler and created entire industries. This progress, however, has led to an epidemic of eyestrain. The result, according to WebMD, is that 50 to 90 percent […]

Maximizing Stamina for Team Sports

Sports can be a great activity to be a part of, whether as a player or as a coach. While playing a sport is fun, it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you or your athletes are not properly conditioned. In practically every sport, not having the stamina to continue playing will cost you. […]

Popular Diets From a Healthcare Provider’s Perspective

Choosing a diet that is right for you is more than simply restricting calories and increasing the amount of exercise you partake in each day. Understanding how diets impact the body and ultimately affect your overall health is essential when searching for a lifestyle that is truly fitting for your needs. Comparing the pros and […]

Three Things to Know When Food Poisoning Strikes

When we talk about how serious of an issue food safety is, everyone has their own perceptions based on their experience and knowledge. However, most of us will agree that children and the elderly are most at risk, although food poisoning can strike anyone, anywhere and anytime. The Center for Disease Control estimates that every year in the […]

Travel Smart: Packing the Essentials for Your Family

Travel in itself can be hard, but it’s even harder with children. Younger children are more prone to airsickness, carsickness, and food-related illnesses. In addition, children get bored and tired faster than adults. Here are some things you can do to ensure the best possible trip with your family.

How Sugar Affects Your Body

It wasn’t long ago that the FDA and other major health organizations were crusading against fat and calories as the major contributors to obesity and other health issues. Today, we are learning otherwise. It is time to take a closer look at sugar and its effects on our health and well-being. Simply put, neither fat […]