Weight loss experts know the key to gaining and maintaining a healthy body weight is your metabolism. Your metabolism refers to the number of calories you burn naturally in your day-to-day routine, so a higher metabolism means you naturally burn more calories. While the biggest factor in having a high metabolism is genetics, there are certain ways to influence and improve your metabolic rate. Here are five ways to boost your metabolism.

Drinking Ice Water
Water is naturally devoid of calories, so using it to replace sugary drinks only makes sense if you want to lose weight. The fact is, though, drinking cold water, specifically, has shown to raise your metabolism.

  • Cold water uses more calories than warmer water when you drink it, as your body needs to raise it to the same temperature as the rest of your body while it’s being absorbed.
  • Lower temperatures mean more calories burned.

Standing More Often
Sitting too long too often can be bad for your health as it limits the amount of activity you do and the calories your burn.

  • While there’s no way to eliminate sitting from your life (nor should you, honestly), it’s a good idea to try to stand up and move around more often. You might even try a standing desk at work.
  • If this isn’t possible for you, try to sit with good posture instead to help your spine and work your core muscles.

Most people think of sweating as a secondary consequence of being active, but it’s actually just as vital as the exercise you do for good health. Beyond the basics of helping to regulate your temperature while hot, it offers an easy exit for accumulated toxins in the body.

  • Heavy metals and harmful chemicals you get from exposure to everyday life are collected inside your body’s fat storage.
  • When fat breaks down, there’s nowhere else to go but into your bloodstream.

Sweating is the best way to reduce your levels of toxins and, combined with gradual weight loss from regular exercise, helps to raise your metabolism and improve your overall health.

Getting Plenty of Sleep
Sleeping is the easiest way to rejuvenate your body and mind after a long day, but a lack of sleep is just as damaging as a good night’s sleep is beneficial.

  • Not sleeping enough can slow down your metabolism and negatively affect your health in many other ways, such as increasing your risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • To ensure you always feel your best and keep your metabolism stable, you need to get a solid eight hours of sleep every night.

Eating Spicy Foods
Capsaicin, the chemical in peppers that makes them burn, has been shown to have a positive effect on metabolic rate. Basically, to raise your metabolism you should eat more spicy food. The downside is that it’s difficult for significant benefits to show up using this method alone, as it takes quite a bit of capsaicin to make any real difference on your metabolism. Even so, over long periods of time and in conjunction with other methods shown here, it can be a great extra boost.

It’s time to put these tips into action. All these suggestions can help you raise your metabolic rate, typically resulting in some weight loss, a more stable and healthy overall body weight, and decreased risk for lifestyle diseases. No matter what your reasons are, though, having a higher metabolism is always a good goal to strive towards.

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Author:  Katlyn Lytle Rushing, PA-C