Popular Diets From a Healthcare Provider’s Perspective

Choosing a diet that is right for you is more than simply restricting calories and increasing the amount of exercise you partake in each day. Understanding how diets impact the body and ultimately affect your overall health is essential when searching for a lifestyle that is truly fitting for your needs. Comparing the pros and […]

Three Things to Know When Food Poisoning Strikes

When we talk about how serious of an issue food safety is, everyone has their own perceptions based on their experience and knowledge. However, most of us will agree that children and the elderly are most at risk, although food poisoning can strike anyone, anywhere and anytime. The Center for Disease Control estimates that every year in the […]

Travel Smart: Packing the Essentials for Your Family

Travel in itself can be hard, but it’s even harder with children. Younger children are more prone to airsickness, carsickness, and food-related illnesses. In addition, children get bored and tired faster than adults. Here are some things you can do to ensure the best possible trip with your family.

How Sugar Affects Your Body

It wasn’t long ago that the FDA and other major health organizations were crusading against fat and calories as the major contributors to obesity and other health issues. Today, we are learning otherwise. It is time to take a closer look at sugar and its effects on our health and well-being. Simply put, neither fat […]

Top Post-Workout Tips to Maximize Your Results

Most people engage in half-hearted warm-ups before a workout. You may always remember to do a bit of stretching and warm up before you hit the day’s routine, but hardly have the time or energy for a proper post-workout stretch. You may be too tired to want to engage in further stretching, but if you […]

How to Pack a Healthier School Lunch

School meals for your children are important. If you think about it, they eat one third of their meals during the school year at school, so the eating habits that they build during that time are important. Many times, lunches that are provided by the school are neither particularly healthy nor nutritious. So, how can […]

Five Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Weight loss experts know the key to gaining and maintaining a healthy body weight is your metabolism. Your metabolism refers to the number of calories you burn naturally in your day-to-day routine, so a higher metabolism means you naturally burn more calories. While the biggest factor in having a high metabolism is genetics, there are […]

Power Foods That Promote Brain Health

A healthy brain is crucial for almost every aspect of a person’s wellbeing. People often strive to employ different techniques designed to strengthen their mental capacity. One of the easiest and most direct methods of accomplishing this task is through consuming foods known for improving brain function. We have listed below a few brain-strengthening foods, […]

Benefits and Risks Associated With the Use of Activated Charcoal

First recorded as a treatment for infected wounds in 1500 BC, activated charcoal is a natural remedy for removing toxins. Although it is wood or coal, activated charcoal is not the same as the briquettes cooks use for fuel. Activated charcoal has several medical and therapeutic applications, effective to varying degrees.

Five Mantras for Setting up a Healthy Morning Routine

You’ve been meaning to make some worthwhile lifestyle choices for weeks or even months but haven’t got the foggiest clue where to start. It seems like there are thousands of guides online that point you in different directions for a good starting place, and it becomes a hassle having to sift through all that information. […]