Benefits and Risks Associated With the Use of Activated Charcoal

First recorded as a treatment for infected wounds in 1500 BC, activated charcoal is a natural remedy for removing toxins. Although it is wood or coal, activated charcoal is not the same as the briquettes cooks use for fuel. Activated charcoal has several medical and therapeutic applications, effective to varying degrees.

Five Mantras for Setting up a Healthy Morning Routine

You’ve been meaning to make some worthwhile lifestyle choices for weeks or even months but haven’t got the foggiest clue where to start. It seems like there are thousands of guides online that point you in different directions for a good starting place, and it becomes a hassle having to sift through all that information. […]

Four Lifestyle Tips to Avoid Diabetes

There are thousands of individuals that are diagnosed with diabetes mellitus each year, requiring them to use insulin injections one or more times a day along with checking their blood sugar levels. If you have diabetes mellitus, then you are more likely to have other health problems such as cardiovascular disease, kidney failure or nerve […]

Five Skin Infections you can Pick up at the Gym

Have you ever noticed that person at the gym who is dripping with sweat as he or she works out on the equipment? Yes, this is same person who doesn’t wipe down the equipment or does so with a drenched towel that just spreads the perspiration around.  Every gym has a few of these people.

Four Things You Should Know About Childhood Obesity

Obesity is becoming a hugely serious problem around worldwide, and it is a problem that not only affects adults. The rate of childhood obesity has skyrocketed over the past few decades, which has put a growing number of children and adolescents at risk for serious health problems that were once primarily limited to adults, including […]

Six Ways to Treat Sunburn

In the late spring and early summer months it’s great to go outdoors and soak up the sunshine and warm air, but sometimes you end up taking in too much sunshine. If you have light-colored skin, too much sun can give you a sunburn and be very painful to deal with. The best action is […]

High Blood Pressure is a Big Deal

A family history of high blood pressure doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck with this condition. High blood pressure can be impacted by genetic predisposition, but it’s also possible to control and change many of the factors that contribute to the damage caused by high blood pressure or hypertension. Diet, activity, stress management and physical fitness […]

What’s the Purpose of a Sports Physical

For children and teens that plan on playing any form of organized sport, a sports physical is a vital part of the process and something that needs to be done every year. If your child already plays any sport through their school or an extracurricular organization, you’re likely already aware of the requirement, as most […]

How Does Caffeine and Coffee Affect Your Health

There is no doubt that people today consume a lot of coffee and even more caffeine each day. People drink coffee as a daily habit or sporadically to boost energy and stay awake. Caffeine is found in energy drinks, energy supplements, weight loss pills, sodas and even chocolate. It is the most widely consumed drug in […]

Five Most Effective Exercises for Senior Citizens

A large percentage of senior citizens find it hard to exercise due to joint pains and lack of strength and flexibility.  This is quite serious because the aging population today has the highest number of cases of lifestyle diseases that can be easily eliminated by regular physical activity. Exercising regularly can reduce pain and stiffness, […]

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