Five Most Effective Exercises for Senior Citizens

A large percentage of senior citizens find it hard to exercise due to joint pains and lack of strength and flexibility.  This is quite serious because the aging population today has the highest number of cases of lifestyle diseases that can be easily eliminated by regular physical activity. Exercising regularly can reduce pain and stiffness, […]

The Seven Best Berries for Late-Night Binges

Everyone has nights when they simply have to have something to snack on. Instead of reaching for that piece of candy or that big bowl of ice cream, why not try berries? Ripe berries are delicious and are good for you. Here are seven berries for that late-night snack that provide health benefits as well.

How Oral Health Affects Overall Health

It is common knowledge that poor oral care commonly leads to the development of cavities. However, various scientific studies indicate an increased risk of certain infections and diseases when people neglect their gums and teeth. Below are some of the health-related issues that may result from poor oral hygiene.

Does Therapeutic Massage Really Offer Health Benefits

What if you could lie down in a quiet room, rest for an hour, and improve your health? With a therapeutic massage, you can experience exactly that. The benefits of regular massage sessions extend far beyond the very pleasant experience of feeling de-stressed and rejuvenated. These benefits include relief in back pain, lowered blood pressure, […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Immune System

Everyone knows that the human immune system helps to fight off illnesses. There are, however, a number of facts about this system that the average person may not know. Below are five interesting facts that might change the way you look at your immune system.

3 Things to Know about Diet and Allergies

Allergies are a troublesome reality that many people have to deal with and for some they can be life threatening. Certain things trigger reactions in some that are otherwise harmless to most people. This sensitivity is caused by a release of histamine and the most common way to fight the symptoms is with an antihistamine. […]

8 Ways to Work Out at the Office

The days of putting in a hard day of physical labor are long gone, as office workers now spend seven, eight or even more hours sitting in front of a computer. A recent report shows that this sedentary work lifestyle is dangerous to one’s overall health. The effects, particularly on people who don’t exercise regularly […]

4 Tips to Find Time to Exercise and Stay Fit

Most people would agree that exercise is important, yet a survey revealed that only 20.6 percent of people get the recommended amount of exercise per day. These numbers are troubling, especially knowing that more than 5 million deaths have been linked to physical inactivity. The hardest obstacle to overcome for most people today is finding […]

Eventful Evenings: Why all the activity may be harming your child’s sleep

If you are a parent in this digital age we live in, you know the nightly battle that happens when trying to get children to “log off” and go to sleep. As parents, we sometimes yearn for the good old days before cell phones and all the digital devices most children have today. There are […]

What is Hypothermia

Simply defined, hypothermia means “below temperature.” Specifically, it is a potentially life-threatening condition that occurs when the body’s core temperature drops dangerously low. It is generally understood to be the result of prolonged exposure to the cold, but given certain circumstances, such as being in frigid waters, death can occur in as few as 15 […]

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