5 Scary Statistics About the Flu

The thought of getting a flu has the tendency to scare people, or make them so apathetic that they do nothing. Sometimes, there can be a panic over a flu that causes people to shut down schools or take other drastic measures to avoid being infected or to prevent their children from getting the flu.  […]

Why Children are at a Higher Risk for the Flu

Studies conducted by the Center for Disease Control show that nearly 20 percent of all U.S. residents get the flu every single year, and a higher percentage of these patients are children. In addition to exceptionally high rates of contraction, nearly two dozen children die each year from generic strains of influenza. But the good […]

4 Common Myths Associated with Cold and Flu

When it comes to common colds and flu, seasonal allergies and infections, each one of us have experienced some form of cold, cough or flu at some point in our lives. Though we are more aware and informed on preventing / dealing with these health problems, there are many myths that surround these common illnesses. […]

5 Tips to Stay Away from Cold and Flu During the Flu Season

Getting a cold or the flu is not only annoying but it can also impair your ability to work and take care of your family. While there is no way to completely prevent getting sick, there are some things you can do to drastically reduce the risk. Follow these 5 tips to avoid getting the […]

Confusing Common Cold with Flu? Here’s the Difference

Many people are aware of the cold and flu season, which starts in October, peaks around February and continues through March. Most of the time, these illnesses run their courses and people regain their health within days or a few weeks at most. Although often confused for each other, the cold and flu illnesses are […]