4 Tips for Eating Right in the Winter

Wintertime usually means packing on a few extra layers of clothing. Unfortunately, many people use that extra clothing as an excuse to pile on a few extra pounds underneath. In fact, it’s common for healthy eating to end up on the backburner during the winter months.

4 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Nutrition

The internet is a great source that offers all types of information and helps you make a conscious decision to include healthy foods in your diet and avoid those that are bad for you. However, it can still have its drawbacks when it comes to finding the actual truth about these food items. Nowhere is […]

Eat Your Way to More Stamina

Food is the body’s fuel. Like automotive fuel, food comes in several different “grades.” Some are great for a quick burst of energy but the effect doesn’t last long. Others are better suited to increase stamina and maintain energy over a long period of time.